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Contemporary bedroom furniture

Crafted from warm, solid woods, and inspired by designs across Asia, our bedroom furniture ranges from the spectacular to the subdued.

Looking for a complete storage solution?
These solid beam wardrobes keep your bedroom completely free of clutter while making a bold statement. Choose your stain and hardware and customize the interior shelving to make it uniquely yours. These wardrobes come in various sizes so they can work with bedrooms both big and small.

Late night TV — The wardrobes can also double as entertainment centers. Check out our tv cabinets and tv stands. The cabinets available will tuck away your television discreetly. The pocket doors ensure that the TV will be quite visible when you are in the mood for a little bedroom cinema, and ample space with convenient cabling holes for storing a VCR, DVD player, stereo or regular bedroom items makes these units extremely versatile.


The Bedroom Furniture Collection

Our bedroom furniture are all hand-made, solid wood pieces built to last. A refreshing alternative to the disposable furniture seen nowadays.


  • Our bedroom furniture is designed to offer amazing storage and surface space with classic lines.
  • The hardware and ornamentation is minimal so the true beauty of the wood grain is emphasized.
  • Iron handles are hand-forged in the shapes used on all classic tansu.
  • All pieces are constructed from solid elm or gingko wood and most are available in different stains and hardware.

Drawer Chests

The American Drawer Chest has always been a very simple design reflecting the ultimate minimalism.

We have taken this classic design and implemented the simplicity and clean lines into our 6 Drawer and 3 Drawer bedroom dressers. The 6 Drawer is also stacked like its predecessor’s and can be used in separate parts to great visual effect.

Bedside Tables

What bedroom would be complete without a bedside table or two? With this in mind we bring you a selection of striking side table designs, ranging from Japanese minimalist to Chinese ornate. Take a look at the Wheel Tansu and the 3 Drawer side tables for good examples of more ornate and simpler designs respectively. Our famous contemporary Step Chests even come in a miniature size – theSmall Step is perfect as a bed side table with a little flair.

Antique Korean Chests

Our American Chests are beautiful antique pieces that are great for storing items like blankets and bedding, or can be turned into a home bar among other interesting modifications. The quality of the workmanship in both the overall construction as well as the artwork on many of these pieces is bar none. Whether a chest is an item you desire or not, taking a moment to admire the Sharkskin Chest, among other designs, is something you will not regret.