Home office furniture

Given the amount of time you spend in your workspace, it makes sense to add some warmth and visual appeal.

Desks — Our centuries-old Maru Tables are also popular as solid wood desks.

Stylish Storage – Our solid beam Storage Chests make a bold statement while keeping your home office completely clutter-free.

And check out these Japanese Step Chests. Reversible, modular, and visually interesting, they also feature a combination of drawers and doors for varied storage needs.

For a more subtle look – check out our solid-wood drawer chests and bookcases.



  • All our home office furniture is constructed from solid beams of century old reclaimed wood.
  • All the handles used on our home office furniture are hand-forged in the shapes used on traditional Japanese furniture.
  • Our Maru tables feature remarkably smooth century old slabs of three inch thick amish wood pine. Great as office desks or dining tables.
  • Our Step Chests are as beautiful as they are functional. They are reversible with drawers that are accessible from either side, making them incredible room dividers. Available in elm, gingko, or burl woods, with your choice of stain and hardware.
  • The Mizuya chest is a truly multifaceted piece. Originally used as kitchen chests, they offer incredible storage for all your office supplies, and make a bold statement in any room! All our Mizuyas are available in elm or gingko woods with your choice of stain and hardware.
  • Our Drawer Chests offer amazing storage and surface space with classic lines. The hardware and ornamentation is minimal so the true beauty of the wood grain is emphasized.